Spring Break Gifts

In a few weeks spring will be in the air.  It may not feel like it here in the Midwest, but if you are planning a trip for your up coming spring or would like to get someone a spring break gift to make their trip one unforgettable spring break!

Custom Sunglass Strap

The sun can do harmful things to the eyes if they are not protected by sunglasses.  However, sunglasses and swimming do not mix well and most of the times results to a pair of nice sunglasses at the bottom of the ocean can really be a bummer.   A pair of these Custom Sunglass Strap can help prevent that dilemma from occurring.  The straps are made from neoprene material and the image is infused into the material.  Add a favorite pattern and the initials or perhaps their phone number asking to return the glasses if lost!

Spring Break Gift

Adult Flip-Flops

If spring break is going to be at a beach, do not forget a pair of flip-flops!  Sand in shoes is not fun at all and you can wear these in the public showers!  Small Flip-Flops will fit a foot size of 9.75″x3″ and straps available in grey or black.  Medium Flip-Flops will fit a foot size of 10.5″ x 3″ and straps in available only in black.  Large Flip-Flops will fit 11.5″x3.5″ foot and straps in grey or black.  The image will be infused into the material that will keep the image durable and bright.  Design with a favorite image or match the bathing suit.

Spring Break Gift

Personalized Towel Wrap

A towel wrap is great to throw on when wanting to keep your hands free from holding up a towel after a swim.  This Personalized Towel Wrap is made from ultra-soft and absorbent material with elastic and Velcro closure that will fit a variety of body types.  The wrap measures 30″x60″ and needs to be designed to fill the entire area or it will remain white.  Pay attention to the image quality bar to ensure a high quality image for your design, lower quality images will appear grainy.  Use their favorite saying about having a good time or being with friends.  Create a spring break gift that will be used for future spring breaks!

Spring Break Gift

Premium Heavy Weight Photo Beach Towel

A beach towel can be used for so many other purposes than just drying off.  You can wrap yourself, you have something to lay on besides the sand, and it marks your spot.  Why not give someone a beach towel that claims a spot in style!  This Premium Heavy Weight Photo Beach Towel is made from heavy duty 50/50 poly/cotton that is very soft yet absorbent.  The towel measures 30″x60″ and just like the towel wrap there is an image quality bar on the designer to ensure a high quality image is used.  Use the print of their swimming suit to create a towel that matches the owner or use their favorite animal print.

Spring Break Gift

Personalized Beach Bag Tote

Beach bags are one of my top “must have”, because I love just taking everything and dumping into a bag and it is great to reduce the chances of trailing sand everywhere you go.  This Personalized Beach Bag Tote is great for just throwing all your beach supplies in it.  The tote is made from durable synthetic canvas and measures 23″x24″ with a 4″ gusset in the bottom for enough to for a large haul to the beach and back!  When designing, fill the entire image area of 26″x25″ and fill the front and back, anything not filled will remain white.  Please allow an extra 2-3 days for production.  Design a bag that will match their swim attire or has their favorite character on it.

Spring Break Gift

Where ever, you or your gift recipient, may go for spring break, let’s hope it is to somewhere it is nice and hot!  Do not forget to get sun block and spring break gift from Pic the Gift!  We offer free shipping and have so many other gifts to offer here: http://www.picthegift.com/


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