Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts

October is the month for National Breast Cancer Awareness, an annual campaign to increase the awareness for the disease.  Many people are already aware of breast cancer, but there are some that forget the signs and ways to detect the disease in its early stages.  Breast Cancer Awareness gifts help encourage everyone to become more educated and to spread more awareness to others.  Here at Pic the Gift we have many products that can be customized for breast cancer awareness and help show support for the fight against the disease, here is our top picks!

Personalized Infinity Scarves

Who said making others aware of breast cancer should not be fashionable?  The answer is, no one!  Our Personalized Infinity Scarves can bring attention to the disease with ease!  This scarf is 34.5″x61″ and made out of soft and vibrant material that has great color retention.  You may use your own design or choose from a design from our library of stock images.  When creating your own scarf please follow Pic the Gift’s instructions, because we want you to create a flawless scarf you will be proud to show your support with.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Personalized Neck Tie

Men can show their support for breast cancer too!  Let women know or even other men that this disease does not only affect women, but men, and families as well.  This Personalized Neck Tie is a great way to spread information!  Pic the Gift has a unique technique of infusing the photo into the fibers to create a vibrant color that last!  The measurements of the tie is 3.5″x56″ and you have the option to decorate all or part of the tie.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Custom All Over Neoprene Lunch Tote

A great time to catch other people’s attention is at lunch time!  Everyone is sitting down, not thinking too much of work, and discussing with others life topics.  So why not give them something to talk about?  This Custom All Over Neoprene Lunch Tote will do just the trick!  This tote is 12″x12″ and fully customizable on both sides.  The designer template is 12.5″x12.5″ so please be aware of the location of the hole when creating your design.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Personalized iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s Case Wallet

For those that are on the go and always passing new people, grab their attention and make them aware of breast cancer with your cell phones case.  Carry everything you need in a nice little case with the ability to use all of your phone functionality.  Our Personalized iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s Case Wallet has accessibility to the camera, audio jack, volume buttons, and 2 slots to hold credit cards, and your id.  The case has a secure magnet closure to keep everything organized and together.  Create an iPhone 5/5s by uploading your own designs or use our stock designs in the our web designer.  The case is available in your choice of black, red, or pink.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Personalized Car Flag and Car Pole

Grab just about everyone’s attention while on the road.  This Personalized Car Flag and Car Pole is great way to bring awareness to breast cancer.  The car flag is imaged on one side and measures 10.5″x16″.  It includes a car window clip and pole.  The designer gives you the ability to upload your own design or use our stock library.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women.  About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point.  Bringing awareness to breast cancer can help give more education on symptoms and early detections, that can increase long-term survival rates.  You can give a gift that will help boost breast cancer awareness during October, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with one of Pic the Gift’s customized products!  Remember all of our orders have free shipping!!! View our full ine of products at


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