Custom Tablet Cover

Tablet covers are a great way to keep your tablet from getting scratches, damages, and being broken into a million little pieces.  Most of the time cases are plain and bit boring.  However, at Pic the Gift we can help you create an outstanding custom tablet cover!  Stand out and no longer be boring with a cover that you created!  By the way stickers do not last as long on those tablets and who really likes all the sticky gunk all over the place?

Apple iPad 2, 3, or New iPad Plastic Case with Smart Cover

This iPad Hard Case is attached to a smart cover, creating an amazing 2-in-1 personalized bargain!  The hard case is snap on and is very protective to the tablet.  The hard case also functions as a SMART cover; automatically puts the iPad to sleep when you close it and has the ability to fold in multiples ways to create different stands while using your iPad. Designing your own perfectly matched case is easy!  The hard case its self is offered in either black or gray, but you have endless options to decorate the cover!  Use Pic the Gift’s online designer to upload your own photos, files, designs, or text.  Pic the Gift also offers hundreds of stocked clip art and special effects to use when designing.  Be sure to design key images and text away from the boarders to reduce the possibility of losing part of the image during production.

custom tablet cover

Personalized Photo iPad 2 3 or 4 Cover

Chose this cover for a little more personalization for your iPad cover!  The back panel is fully customizable!  Upload your favorite photo or photos to create a collage.  Choose from three colors: white, pink, and black.  The online designer will allow you to add different background colors by clicking the background color box.  Do not forget to add text and an amazing effects to create a truly one-of-a-kind table cover!

custom tablet cover

Personalized iPad Mini Cover – Interchangeable Photo Inserts

This spectacular photo iPad case will be the last case you will ever need…unless they come out with some new big technology wonder.  This iPad Mini case has interchangeable photo inserts to change up when ever you feel like it!  The back case has a groove that the photo panels sit in.  When you want to change the photo panels, pop off the case and choose a new photo panel to place back in.  You may order 2 extra inserts by designing the Photo Insert #1 and #2 and you will save 25% off your extra photo inserts for your case.  These covers are available for the iPad Mini and in white, pink, or black finish and offer UV resistant photo finish as well as an antimicrobial finish to help remove 99.9% of bacteria.

custom tablet cover

iPad Air Leather Case

This case is new to the Pic the Gift line of custom tablet covers.  It is a leather and faux suede iPad Air carrying case.  It measures 10″x6.25″ and has a Velcro pocket to securely hold your iPad Air.  There is a special brace that will allow you to tilt it in 3 different positions.  The artwork area for this case is 10.5″x6.9″ and be sure to fill the entire artwork area to avoid white areas.

custom tablet cover

iPad 2, 3, or 4 Leather Case

Here is another new case added to the Pic the Gift line of custom tablet covers.  It is very similar to the iPad Air Leather Case, but made to fit the Generation 2, 3, or 4 iPads.  It even has the same measurements of 10″x6.25″ with an artwork area of 10.5″x6.9″.

custom tablet cover

Tired of looking for a that one awesome tablet cover?  Do not just purchase any boring old tablet cover that someone else might have.  Instead, create your own and be totally original!  Pic the Gift offers free shipping on all orders!  Check out the rest of our custom items at or even create a matching phone case to go along with your new tablet cover!



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