Customized Presents for Guys

Out of everyone that you buy presents for who is the most difficult? Most people would answer that they have the hardest time buying presents for guys. Well Pic the Gift has the solution for you! A customized gift that is specifically made by you for your dad, brother, boyfriend, son, friend, or family member is the easiest way to ensure a unique gift that is different than anything you can find in a store. Create custom gifts with photos, text, backgrounds, and borders for a creative twist to some classic products.

Leather Wallet

Our Leather Billfold Wallet has plenty of room for your guy’s everyday essentials and includes six credit card slots, a clear ID pocket, and a large pocket for cash. The wallet gives you the ability to create a one of a kind wallet that can showcase the receiver’s favorite picture, sports logo, or design. With this custom wallet there is no need to carry around a picture of the family, the family picture can be on the wallet!

presents for guys

Trailer Hitch Cover

Does your guy have a hitch on the back of his vehicle? If so design him his very own trailer hitch cover! Available for a 2″ and 1.25″ post trailer hitch, the custom trailer hitch cover is a fun addition to any vehicle. Create a design to show his support for his favorite sports team or add a silly saying that the cars behind him can read! “If you can read this you’re too close!” Not what you are looking for? Find more custom car products here.

presents for guys

Cell Phone Case

The one thing men and women won’t leave home without? Their cell phone of course! That’s why designing one of our custom cell phone cases, like our iPhone 5/5s case, is a great gift for guys. This iPhone 5/5s case has reinforced rubber corners to ensure a safely held cell phone and protection against bumps and drops. Choose from either white or black and create your own custom case with images, logos or your own design. Don’t need an iPhone case? Check out our full line of custom phone accessories and cases here.

presents for guys

Laptop Case

Everyone these days has a laptop in place of a desktop computer, so why not help the guy in your life protect his computer with a custom Neoprene Laptop Case. This protective cover acts as an extra padding and keeps the laptop safe from bumps, sharp objects, and dust. Whether going to school, work, or on a trip a customized lap top case will protect and awe wherever it goes.

presents for guys

Leather Money Clip

Does your guy hate carrying a wallet (some really do)? What about giving him a personalized photo money clip instead!? The smaller, sleeker design of the money clip will fit comfortably in a pocket and has enough space for credit cards and an ID as well as the secure clip to keep your money safe. Made out of 100% leather, the money clip can be customized on the front with your own custom design that is directly applied to the leather.

presents for guys

The best part about creating custom gifts is the freedom it allows you to have. Let your creativity go wild as you design custom gifts for the whole family! Change the color of the background, add a border, use special effects like black and white or sepia, choose unique fonts for text, and play around with hundreds of clip-art images. The power is yours! Start creating custom presents for your guys that they’ll love!


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