Fall Gifts

Have you looked outside and seen all the beautiful leaves turning colors or that every food is now pumpkin flavored?  Well if you have not already noticed, it is fall now!  Cool breezes, crisp apples, and the scent of pumpkins inspire families to gather, relax and feast at home.  Help someone welcome the fall season with fall gifts at Pic the Gift!

Personalized Doormat

Custom printed outdoor doormats can accent any homes entry way.  Our Personalized Doormat welcomes visitors and the fall season!  This 20″x26″ custom rubber door mat is not made out of mouse-pad material, but with real non-slip rubber backing.  It has a large 18″x24″ imaging area with a black borders.  It will work great for indoors as well.  Put it in the kitchen or in a mud room!  We do suggest giving the door mat a light mist of scotch guard or similar product onto the image area to it an extra protection.  Give a gift that will make someone’s home welcoming and warm for the fall!

Fall Gifts

Personalized Photo Wood Wall Panel

Leaves falling off a tree can be messy inside the house, but a display on the wall will keep it tidy!  This Personalized Photo Wood Wall Panel would bring fall into anyone’s home!  This photo panel is ChromaLuxe Wood is 11″x14″x5/8″ with a black edge.  They may be designed to either be hung landscape or portrait.  Pic the Gift uses its special technique to infuse the image directly onto the specially coated wood panel with a scratch resistant finish.  This helps the image to be durable, long-lasting, and amazing!  This gift will make any home look as beautiful as it does outside!

Fall Gifts

Personalized Laundry Bag

Fall and college goes to together like peanut butter and jelly!  If you know a college student away at school, by now they probably wishing that they may need another or an addition laundry bag to haul to the laundry mat!  A Personalized Laundry Bag will help them not only identify their own bag, but help out with the extra loads!   This 23.5″x27″ laundry tote is made from a durable canvas material and has a drawstring closure.  Both the front and back of the bag is customizable.  Another great idea, is to fill it with some new laundry soap, dryer sheets, and a roll of quarters!

Fall Gifts

Personalized Color Changing Photo Mug

Nothing goes better with fall than a hot cup of delicious coffee or hot chocolate for those that do not like coffee.  Cuddle up in your favorite blanket with a fresh cup and get a surprise!  A Personalized Color Changing Photo Mug has a special heat sensitive coating that changes colors as it heats up and reveals a personalized image or message.  This 11 ounce mug is black.  The hotter the liquid is, the quicker the image or message appears.  When the liquid becomes cold, it will disappear.  Give someone a surprise that has its own surprise!

Fall Gifts

Personalized Photo Serving Tray

Well, that Personalized Color Changing Photo Mug could be served on this awesome Personalized Photo Serving Tray!  This tray comes in two sizes 11″x17″ and 8″x13″ print area and comes in either natural or espresso finish.  Personalized serving trays make great a fall gift that could serve a lot of purposes, as well as every day use.  Pic the Gift’s designer gives the ability to use stock images or upload your own.  Do not forget to use the advance text field to create an amazing effect.  Give a gift that can serve a great fall treat!

Fall Gifts

Fall is here and there is no doubt in that!  Here at Pic the Gift we offer plenty of great fall gifts that will help anyone fall into the mood for the upcoming cold!  Please visit our site http://www.picthegift.com/ for more great personalized gifts and remember all shipping is free and all of our products are made right here in America!  Enjoy your fall!





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