Adult Size Pajama Pants

Adult Size Pajama Pants
These new PJ Pants are completely custom and the entire surface is your canvas. These are ideal to show off your holiday spirit or a design / image that is near and dear to your customer. These are made with a comfortable and stretchy t-shirt like polyester material. The images are bright and permanent plus the fabric is moisture wicking. The waist has a comfortable elastic band built into making these comfy for all body types.

MSRP – $35 to $45 each

1 inch Headband   1 1/2 inch Headband   1 1/2 inch Headband

Note: These pair perfectly with our all over decorated shirts, to make a full set of pajamas as a Holiday gift. 

How to Make Amazing Portraits With Minimal Affordable Gear

It’s no secret some professional and novice photographers use thousands of dollars of equipment to create the perfect “shot.”  While this equipment may be worth it to some, unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to hand over a mortgage payment to create a picture that is worth a thousand words.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been taking pictures quite some time, I wanted to share some tips you can use to create amazing pictures on a limited budget.  In fact, if you’re able to master these strategies, your pictures could look just as good as the pros. Continue reading How to Make Amazing Portraits With Minimal Affordable Gear

Bring Your Own Floatie: Throwing a Budget Pool Party

Inviting your friends and family to a pool party is one of the best ways to get everyone together during the summer. Who can say no to cool water, iced drinks, and themed snacks with the sun blazing overhead each day? As lovely as this notion of a pool party sounds, you may think that your budget limits what you can do to make your party memorable. Fortunately, a fun and exciting pool party is just around the corner, even on a budget. The party you want at a cost you can afford is within reach with these tips.  

Make Your Party Exclusive

Hooded Beach Towels
Don’t forget to get a customized Hood Beach Towel

By keeping your guest list slim, you can cut your costs down considerably. Each guest will need food, beverages, and maybe alcohol, meaning a 10-guest party is far cheaper to host than a 30-guest party. Limit your invites, and if possible, discourage your invited guests from bringing extra guests.

To avoid the expense of invitations, try setting up a Facebook invite or an e-vite for free. These options list everything your guests need to know about the upcoming event as well as allowing them to RSVP with no charge to you or the guests.

Turn It Into a Potluck

Feeding all of your guests is the most expensive part of any party. While you may be able to find inexpensive recipes, it is far easier to ask each guest to bring their favorite chip, dip, vegetable, or snack to share with the group. This will provide a variety of foods to keep your guests happy while avoiding any issue of allergies or dietary restrictions.

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Spring Break Gifts

In a few weeks spring will be in the air.  It may not feel like it here in the Midwest, but if you are planning a trip for your up coming spring or would like to get someone a spring break gift to make their trip one unforgettable spring break!

Custom Sunglass Strap

The sun can do harmful things to the eyes if they are not protected by sunglasses.  However, sunglasses and swimming do not mix well and most of the times results to a pair of nice sunglasses at the bottom of the ocean can really be a bummer.   A pair of these Custom Sunglass Strap can help prevent that dilemma from occurring.  The straps are made from neoprene material and the image is infused into the material.  Add a favorite pattern and the initials or perhaps their phone number asking to return the glasses if lost!

Spring Break Gift

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