Fitness Gifts

It can be a little tricky when it comes finding fitness gifts for someone.  Even more if they have just started introducing a new fitness routine to practice.  You do not want the recipient to think that you are trying to offend them when you are just trying to help them achieve the body that they have been dreaming about.  You do not have to go out and buy them an entire home gym equipment for them.  Instead give them something personalized from Pic the Gift!

Personalized Photo Sports Towel

Give a fitness gift that will help them wipe away the sweat from working out so hard!  Towels can even be used in exercise moves to work out!  The Personalized Photo Sports Towel is made from premium microfiber that is formulated to create a soft feel, softer than typical microfiber feeling.  The towel measures about 15″x22″ and is very absorbing.  Design the entire towel front and back, but designing the back will cost extra.   Pic the Gift uses a custom decoration process that actually decorates the fibers of the sports towel to ensure that the towel will have a vibrant photo realistic image for many trips to the gym and trips in the washing machine!  When designing the sports towel be sure to fill the entire template as any area not covered will remain white.  If you choose another background color, please select background button for another color.  You may upload your favorite photo or photos for a collage.  Pic the Gift’s online designer also provides a large assortment of stock clip art that you may use.

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Custom Tablet Cover

Tablet covers are a great way to keep your tablet from getting scratches, damages, and being broken into a million little pieces.  Most of the time cases are plain and bit boring.  However, at Pic the Gift we can help you create an outstanding custom tablet cover!  Stand out and no longer be boring with a cover that you created!  By the way stickers do not last as long on those tablets and who really likes all the sticky gunk all over the place?

Apple iPad 2, 3, or New iPad Plastic Case with Smart Cover

This iPad Hard Case is attached to a smart cover, creating an amazing 2-in-1 personalized bargain!  The hard case is snap on and is very protective to the tablet.  The hard case also functions as a SMART cover; automatically puts the iPad to sleep when you close it and has the ability to fold in multiples ways to create different stands while using your iPad. Designing your own perfectly matched case is easy!  The hard case its self is offered in either black or gray, but you have endless options to decorate the cover!  Use Pic the Gift’s online designer to upload your own photos, files, designs, or text.  Pic the Gift also offers hundreds of stocked clip art and special effects to use when designing.  Be sure to design key images and text away from the boarders to reduce the possibility of losing part of the image during production.

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Personalized Mardi Gras Party Favors

Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday, which will be Tuesday, February 17th.  Carnival celebrations with masks, costumes, beads, dancing, and parades are held as it reflects the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season leading up to Easter Sunday.  This year hand out personalized Mardi Gras party favors at your Mardi Gras celebration!  Traditional colors of Mardi Gras; purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.

Personalized Can Koozie

Give everyone a memorable party favor for their 2015 Mardi Gras by giving them a can koozie.  This Personalized Can Koozie is collapsible and can be be order as 1 or 1,000!  What is great about Pic the Gift’s can koozies are the fact that we place the images onto the koozie and then assemble.  This way of assembly eliminates the creases down the side and bottom and allows an all-over-design, even on the bottom!  This koozie will fit any standard can.  Be sure to design the template right up to the border and use the entire image area to create a unique one-of-a-kind koozie.  Please follow the instructions on the template for correct placement of designs and text.  Add the classic tragedy and comedy masks with “You partied with (YOUR NAME) for Mardi Gras 2015!”

personalized Mardi Gras party favors

Personalized Bottle Koozie with Zipper

Of course there are going to be some of those who will be at your party where they only prefer bottles over cans.  Just like the Personalized Can Koozie, these Personalized Bottle Koozie with Zipper are first designed the way that you wanted and then assembled.  This eliminates white creases down the side and on the bottom to allow quality design all-over!  It will fit any standard bottles.  Place a feather masquerade mask image on the koozie with text, “Mardi Gras 2015 with (YOUR NAME)!”

Personalized Cooler Bag

Need something to carry all those nice cold drinks around while keeping hands free to dance with everyone?  A Personalize Cooler Bag from Pic the Gift will keep your drinks cool and your dance moves hots!  This cooler bag has a zipper closure and a 40″ adjustable strap.  It is made with a durable material that will make this cooler last for the following Mardi Gras party!  Be sure to design this cooler to fill the entire template and include the bleeding area to not lose any of your design  Any area that is not covered will remain white.  Avoid the key text and image away from the border to ensure that it is not lost during production.  Use a Mardi Gras gator playing a saxophone with text “Laissez les bons temps rouler.”  It means, “Let the good times roll”, a Mardi Gras slogan in French!

personalized Mardi Gras party favors

Personalized Water Bottle with Straw Top

Everyone needs to stay hydrated with, “high quality H2O.”  These Personalized Water Bottle with Straw Top are pure stainless steel and available in silver or white.  White will give true photo realistic images and the silver will give a cool, antiqued look.  This water bottle will help eliminate your use of plastic and making a lot trash at the parades!  Pic the Gift will infuse the image and photos directly into the steel so that your image will last for many Mardi Gras!  Do not forget the Mardi Gras jester, as he entertained everyone!

personalized Mardi Gras party favors

Personalized Fabric Photo Coaster Set

Want people to use coasters and add Mardi Gras look to your place?  Make some Mardi Gras coasters with these Personalized Fabric Photo Coaster Set! Four coasters come in a set and made from neoprene material.  Pic the Gift will infuse the image, photo, or text into coating to ensure their durability to last for many Mardi Gras celebrations in the future.  You may decorate each individually or just duplicate the design for all four!  Mind the boundaries to not lose any of your design.  The Fleur-de-lis symbol would look great on these!

personalized Mardi Gras party favors

So please do not forget the King Cake, gumbo, jambalaya, étouffée, boudin balls, muffulettas, po’boys, red beans and rice to go along with your personalized Mardi Gras party favors for the best Mardi Gras all your friends and family will not forget!!!  Please check out Pic the Gift’s site for a full list of products that we offer  Happy Mardi Grad and Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift

Love is in the air!  Pink and red paper hearts are being hung up and cute little cupids with their bottoms flying everywhere!  That is right, Valentine’s Day is close.  Every year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candies, chocolates, flowers, and gifts with their valentine to express their love for them.  This year give a personalized Valentine’s Day gift to your valentine from Pic the Gift!  Here’s a fun fact about Valentine’s Day:  There will be nearly 150 million cards exchanged on this day!

Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Puzzle

A heart shaped puzzle is a great romantic gift idea for your partner!  Spend time together putting the pieces of a heart together that shows your love for one another!  This Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Puzzle measures 6.7″ when completed and has 23 pieces.  It is composed of hardboard that offers premium surface that is durable and will last.  The puzzle will be shipped in a clear display sleeve.  When designing this puzzle you may use our online designer to upload your favorite picture or pictures to create a collage.  We have a large selection of clip-art, backgrounds, and fonts.  There are advance settings that will add enhancements to the text.

personalized Valentine's Day gift

Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Coasters

Coaster sets are a fancy way to commemorate special occasions, even if it is a moment of love!  These Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Coasters come in a set of 4 along with a Mahogany holder.  The coasters are made from premium material with cork backing.  You may use the same photo on all 4 coasters or design each differently.  Text can be added to create a personal touch.  When designing, mind the boundaries in order to not lose any key text or images.

personalized Valentine's Day gift


Personalized Photo Heart Key Chain

Key chains are a great gift to give that will always be carried with your valentine!  The Personalized Photo Heart Key Chain is composed of FRP and is made to last like your love!  The key chain measures 2.5″.  Both sides of the key chain may be designed with either your own photos or use our stock images.  The advanced text field will allow you to create amazing effects on your design.  Be sure to mind the boundaries!

personalized Valentine's Day gift

Personalized Dog Tag

Jewelry is among the top gifts to give as a gift for Valentine’s Day.  Our Personalized Dog Tag is metal and measures 1 1/18″.  You have the option to include a free beaded chain.  One side is designable, but you can create a truly stunning piece that your valentine will always keep close to their heart.

personalized Valentine's Day gift


Custom Photo Panel Set Flat

If you never heard this statement, let Pic the Gift be the first to tell you: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  Give your valentine a gift that could describe every way there is to describe your love for them by giving them a photo of your favorite moments with them!  This Custom Photo Panel Set Flat is two 5″x7″ hinged panels and uses Chromaluxe Coating that makes the photos vivid and long-lasting.  It is ready to display the moment they open their gift, no need for framing or hanging!  Cover the entire photo template, because any space not covered will remain white.  You may add a quote of love to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind gift for your valentine!

personalized Valentine's Day gift

A friendly reminder, Valentine’s Day is February 14th!  Get in your order of a personalized Valentine’s Day gift for your valentine from Pic the Gift!  We offer free shipping on all orders, no minimum!  All of our manufacturing is done here in the USA, our roof, our strict quality standards!  If you would like to check out our full line of products please visit our site:  Happy Valentine’s Day from Pic the Gift!

personalized Valentine's Day gift



Super Bowl Gift

This Sunday, February 1, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. is the NFL Super Bowl XLIX.  On the field is going to be Seattle Seahawks up against the New England Patriots!  Who will be this year’s Super Bowl Champion?!  Celebrate the Super Bowl with family and friends with a great Super Bowl gift from Pic the Gift!  Make this true American tradition fun and enjoyable by getting everyone geared up and ready for the game that will sure to score you a touchdown when ever you show up to any Super Bowl party!

Personalized Photo Football Bag Tag

Personalized bag tags are great to use for party favor tags, ID tags, and backpack tags.  Our Personalized Photo Football Bag Tag measures 2.75″x4″ and fits great on suitcases, gym bags, and backpacks.  Both sides are designable, so place the team logo on one side and their favorite player on the other and the images are infused in the plastic coating.  The tag is made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic and includes a Mylar strap to ensure its durability.

Super Bowl gift

Personalized Car Flag and Car Pole

Car flags are a great way to fly team spirit proudly as they drive!  This Personalized Car Flag and Car Pole will display the person’s fandom anywhere they will go!  The flag is imaged on side and measures 10.5″x16″.  Car window clip and pole is included with the flag.  When designing the flag, be sure to not place key text or images away from the borders so that it is not distorted during production.  Upload your own images or use stock images provided, add background colors, and use the advanced text field to create an awesome car flag.

Super Bowl gift

Personalized Trailer Hitch Cover

This Personalized Trailer Hitch Cover will go perfect with the Personalized Car Flag to display team spirit!  The hitch cover is black durable FRP and measures 2″ and there is a 1.25″.  The image area is flat and infused into the plastic to create a durable and vibrant photo.  Upload your own files or use any of the hundreds of stock images.  Reduce the chance of distorting the image by minding the boundaries.

Super Bowl gift

Personalized Bottle Koozie

Here is a gift that is absolutely practical, Koozie!  The Personalized Bottle Koozie can be used at future games and even Super Bowls!  There is absolutely no minimums to order, so order 1 or 1,000!  Their shaped as Jerseys and customizable on both sides.  The material is neoprene and makes a great bottle insulator.  When designing, be sure that the area is decorated up to the border or it will remain white.

Super Bowl gift

Men’s Personalized Performance Crew T-Shirt

A team t-shirt is a great gift for a die-hard fan!  The Men’s Personalized Performance Crew T-Shirt is made from quality, 100% polyester.  The antimicrobial/wicking is a smooth knit that will absorb moisture and minimize odor causing bacteria.  You can design a 10″x12″ area on the front and back or just only on one side.  You may also place a 5″x5″ Left Chest Logo Box, this is optional.  The shirt pricing will depend on how many areas you design.  The actual design size might adjust slightly for different sizes of the actual shirt and if you want a specific image size, please make notes on your order.  If designing for woman here is the Women’s Personalized Performance Crew T-Shirt.

Super Bowl gift

Super Bowl is this Sunday!!!  Get the all the awesome appetizers, foods, and drinks ready along with your super bowl gift!  Pic the Gift offers free shipping on all orders, no matter the total and all production is done right here in America!  Best of luck to each team and to their fans!  Check out Pic the Gift’s full line of products at