Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Wanting to personalize your Christmas Tree this year?  Here at Pic the Gift you can do just that with personalized Christmas ornaments!  Personalized Christmas ornaments are great keepsake and gifts that are always treasured over the years.  Choose to make yourself or give an ornament that a loved or friend will enjoy.  Personalize it with a name or with an image!

Personalized Tapered Photo Ornament

A tapered shape resembles a teardrop.  This Personalized Tapered Photo Ornament is made out of aluminum and is two-sided. The ornament measures 2.75″x4.1″.  Pic the Gift uses its unique decoration process that infuses the photo or image into the coating.  This process makes the ornament durable and vibrant for many future Christmases!  The ornament includes a ribbon.  Be sure to design the entire template, any space not covered will be white.  You may upload just one photo or use a collage!  Do not forget to add text or use any special filters to create a truly personalized ornament!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized London Photo Ornament

The Personalized London Photo Ornament looks just a like a snowflake!  This ornament is made out of aluminum and measures 2.75″x4.1″.  Both sides are designable and includes a ribbon.  Pic the Gift infuses the image into the coating to ensure an ornament to last for generations!  Create an ornament with a favorite saying or someone’s favorite moments playing in the snow!  Please do not forget to cover the entire template!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Berlin Photo Ornament

The Personalized Berlin Photo Ornament has the look of a plaque.  The ornament measures 3.95″x 2.75″ and is made from aluminum.  Design both sides with a favorite photo or art work that will be infused into the coating.  A ribbon is included.  The entire template will need to be filled or white spaces will be displayed.  Give a newlywed couple their first personalized ornament for their tree!

Personalized Christmas OrnamentsPersonalized Benelux Photo Ornament

This Personalized Benelux Photo Ornament is made from aluminum and measures 3.95″x 2.75″.  Design both sides with a photo on one side and monogram the other!  A ribbon is included.  The image will be infused into the coating so that it will stay strong and bright!  Create a “Forever Sisters” ornament that will last forever!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Custom Hexagon Glass Ornament

The Custom Hexagon Glass Ornament measures 3.5″ and includes a gold ribbon.  Create a beautiful glass ornament with your favorite photos, designs, or images!  Any areas that are not covered will be filled with a frosted glass.  There are red lines that will indicate the Safe Zone allowing you to create a flawless glass ornament!  Give a “Baby’s 1st Christmas” that will last for many Christmases!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

History of Ornaments

The first decorated trees displayed apples, white candy canes, and pastries in the shapes of stars, hearts and flowers.  Hans Greiner created the first glass baubles in Lauscha, Germany, by creating garlands of glass beads and tin figures that could be hung on trees. The popularity of these decorations grew into the production of glass figures made by highly skilled artisans with clay molds.  The first American-made glass ornaments were created by William DeMuth in New York in 1870.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Add excitement to the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree with personalized Christmas ornaments.  Adding names, special messages, or even photos to create one-of-a-kind personalized Christmas ornaments that will be cherished for years.  Commemorate important milestones or start a family tradition of creating a new one each year!  Create a collection of beautiful Christmas ornaments as well as personalized Christmas presents to surprise your loved ones and friends this season.  The perfect gift for Christmas is a personalized ornaments, something straight from the heart and it will be remembered for many Christmases to come!  Pic the Gift also offers other shapes of ornaments at

Hanukkah Gifts

On December 16th is the start of Hanukkah and will carry on until the 24th.  Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday also known as, the Festival of Lights, that lasts for eight days and is usually celebrated by giving gifts.  Traditional Hanukkah gifts would be a menorah or Hanukkah gelt.  A menorah is a nine-branched candelabrum and each night a candle is lit.  Hanukkah gelt is the gift of some type of money for Hanukkah, which could be real money, a savings bond, cash, check, or even pretend money like chocolate coins.

Hanukkah Gifts

Personalized Kids Headband

A great gift idea for girls would be a something that she would love to show off and what a better way to show off by wearing it on their head?  This Personalized Kids Headband is a great gift to do that!  It has a great stretch and size for kids.  The headband measures 2.25″x16.5″ and use or create art that is 4.5″x17″ to ensure proper coverage of the material during production.  Customized it with their name and chevron pattern.  Personalized headbands are a hit and can add a touch of fun to any outfit.

Hanukkah Gifts

Personalized iPad Mini Cover with Interchangeable Photo Inserts

Need a gift that is going to protect and be durable?  Pic the Gift’s Personalized iPad Mini Cover with Interchangeable Photo Inserts will be the last case they will ever need and what make this case so unique it the interchangeable photo inserts that can be customized!  These covers are hard plastic, available in white, pink or black finish, and offer UV resistant photo finish, as well as an antimicrobial finish to help remove 99.9% of bacteria.  On the backside of the case is a groove that allows the photo panel to sit and stay in place.  Whenever the need to change the image, just pop off the case and switch the photo panel.  Thus, creating an entire new case!  Design extra panels with the initial order and save 25%!  Order up to 2 additional inserts by designing the Photo Insert #1 and Photo Insert #2 templates and save 25% off on extra photo inserts.

Hanukkah Gifts

Personalized Small Leather Framed Wallet

A personalized wallet can make a perfect accessory that is both personal and functional.  This Personalized Small Leather Framed Wallet is genuine leather and measures 5″x3″.  It features four credit card slots and an ID window.  Pic the Gift’s unique design process allows us to directly decorate onto the leather so that it is 100% pure grain leather, along with the image.  The back features a sleek black leather back and the metal frame is silver.  The wallet is made in the USA and is completely made to order.  We ask to allow 10 business days for production.

Hanukkah Gifts

Super Soft Photo Blanket

Everyone loves snuggling up with a new blanket and it becomes even warmer when it is personalized!  This Super Soft Photo Blanket can be easily mistaken for a cashmere blanket!  This blanket is made out of ultra heavy knit fleece and is a special anti-pill fiber, which allows easy maintenance.  It measures 50″x60″ and image/art needs to be 54″x65″.  For an additional charge the blanket can designed on both sides.

Hanukkah Gifts

Personalized Aluminum Photo Art Panel 12″x18″

Know someone who loves to hang beautiful art or photographs on their walls that truly make a stunning piece?  Our Personalized Aluminum Photo Art Panel 12″x18″ is a great and unique alternative to framing a piece.  The aluminum photo panel has a gloss white finish that and comes with a black shadow wall mount that is already attached.  The image is Chromaluxe coated, which is the most durable coating available.

Hanukkah Gifts

Hanukkah gifts are given each night over the eight days in most families.  The giving of Hanukkah gifts is equally important and is typically a very well thought out an organized event.  Usually as Hanukkah gifts are given out on the fourth or fifth night, the monetary Hanukkah gifts are increased to larger amounts.  If looking for something else to personalized please visit us at  Happy Hanukkah!

Thanksgiving Day Gifts

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner!!!  Make the most of this day by showing your gratitude for everyone who cares for you!  Take a moment and try to remember everyone who did something good for you this year.  This Thanksgiving Day, take the time to thank all of them with Thanksgiving Day Gifts from Pic the Gift!  Also, if you are looking for a gift for either a host or hostess that has invited you to enjoy this upcoming holiday with them and their family, look no further!

Personalized Hand Towel

For most people that usually host parties in their homes, they like to decorate their home for the event or holiday.  Give a gift that you know you would like to see in the future parties while you are in their home.  A Personalized Hand Towel would be a great and practical gift to give!   The towel is 100% cotton and measures 16″x28″, it can be a great addition to any bathroom or kitchen.  The strip towards the bottom can be custom designed any way you would like.  Either monogram it with their family’s last name or use a sweet saying for Thanksgiving, “The happiness of  good friends, the joy of a happy family, and the thankfulness of love! Happy Thanksgiving!”

Thanksgiving Day Gifts

Custom Wine Tote Double Sided

Anyone who likes to host parties, also love to attend other parties or if you are just thanking someone this Thanksgiving, a wine tote makes a great gift.  This Custom Wine Tote Double Sided is made with neoprene and holds most standard wine bottles and traditional shaped champagne bottles.  Customize both sides with a photo or monogram their last name on it, or “Eat Pie.  Drink Wine.  Be Thankful.”  Do not forget to include a bottle in this tote for a double gift!

wine tote bag

Personalized Rubber Backed Placemat

Make someone’s table a great decor for this Thanksgiving!  Our Personalized Rubber Backed Placemat is made to last and stay vibrant!  It is made of polyester and measures 10″x16″.  Customize it with a monogram or another Thanksgiving quote!  “May you enjoy the tasty turkey and pumpkin pie, and your life be stuffed with good cheer and joy.  Happy Thanksgiving!”  Upload a fall festive image or photo that will make it great for the holiday!

 Thanksgiving Day Gifts

Personalized Photo Coaster Set

Coasters can help add an elegant touch to anyone’s home and help protect their furniture from nicks and stains!  Create Personalized Photo Coaster Set of four in a mahogany coaster stand.  Each coaster have cork backing and can be designed to have a vibrant photo that is infused onto it that last forever.  Personalized drink coasters do more than just protect furniture; they also add unique decor to any kitchen, dining room, or living room!

Thanksgiving Day Gifts

Custom Comfort Mat

A comfort mat can provide a safe and comfortable surface for high traffic areas while adding a sense of style to room and floor.  This Custom Comfort Mat is 17.5″ x 26.5″ and made with needle punch felt and has a tan urethane backing.  It is great for adding extra comfort to those areas where prolong standing is needed!  We suggest adding a light mist of scotch guard or similar product onto the image area to increase the durability of the mat.  Create a mat for the Thanksgiving Day holiday that will help comfort anyone who is standing at the sink doing the dishes!

Thanksgiving Day Gifts

Thanksgiving Day is this November 27th!  It is a time to get together your family and friends and be thankful for everything in your life.  Thanksgiving Day gifts can thank those who have impacted your life in the greatest way and show them your gratitude, even if it to thank them for being a part of your life!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone from Pic the Gift!!!  Please check out our full line of personalized and customizable gifts from



Pet Memorial Gifts

For anyone that has ever lost a pet, you know that this can be a very heartbreaking moment. According to a study from the American Pet Products Association from 2012, there were 164 million Americans who own a pet, and for many these pets are considered to be a part of the family.  In other words, 62 percent of homes in America at least owned one pet.  Pet memorial gifts can bring comfort to someone when they are grieving the loss of a beloved pet and help keep their memory alive.

Neoprene Small Tech Sleeve

A personalized photo mini tablet case would be a great sympathy gift for those who are tech savvy.  The Neoprene Tech Sleeve is 5 1/2″ x 8 3/4″ and fits most Nook HD and Kindle Paperwhite tablets.  Our neoprene is double-backed for extra padding and protection of the item inside.  The sleeve can be designed on front and the back (for a small additional fee).  Pic the Gift’s designer allows you to upload your own photos.  Use the advance text field to create a beautiful effect.

pet memorial gifts

Metal Photo Panel – 5″x7″ Gloss White/Gloss Silver

Give a gift of memorial that will make someone cherish the greatest moments of their beloved pet’s life.  The 5″x7″ Metal Photo Panel is made from aluminum and coated with Chromaluxe, a durable vibrant coating.  Pic the Gift has a unique process of infusing the image directly into the metal coating that creates a scratch resistant and UV resistant finish.  Truly a picture that stays vibrant and will not fade away.  The metal photo panel may be hung either landscape or portrait and try combining several different sizes or panels to create a metal mural.  Add an easel back and to give the ability to be prop on a desk or table or mount it on the wall with a shadow mount.  Upload your own photos and use text to create a gift that will live on in someone’s heart.

pet memorial gifts

Custom Square Picture Key Chain

A key chain is a great gift that will be there where ever the owner may go and give them a smile at any time.  This Custom Square Picture Key Chain is 2.25″x2.25″ and made with Fiber Reinforced Plastic.  Pic the Gift infuses the photo onto the key chain that gives it a durable and vibrant finish.  Use the designer to customize both sides with your own images and meaningful text to create a meaningful gift.

pet memorial gifts

Personalized Picture Coffee Cup Metallic Pink

A special gift to give someone who has lost their furry friend could be a mug.  Our Pink Metallic Photo Mug is 11 ounces.  If you do not like pink, choose our Gold Metallic Photo Mug or Silver Metallic Photo Mug.  The Pic the Gift designer gives the option to upload your own photos or use our stocked images.  Give it a special touch by adding text or a quote.  Every time they use their mug they are reminded of the greatest moments they had with their friend.

pet memorial gifts

Personalized Photo Keepsake Box – 6″x8″

A keepsake box is a great gift to give someone who is morning the lost of their pet.  Our Personalized Photo Keepsake Box attributes a wood frame, felt liner, and on the top of the box is 4″x6″ image display area.  Pic the Gift infused the photo into the wood coating onto the keepsake box so it may last as vibrant and durable.  You may choose either Mahogany or Espresso wood finishes.  This makes a great gift so they may store all the pictures that they have of their beloved pet.

pet memorial gifts

Pic the Gift offers many products for pet memorial gifts.  These are gifts that may honor someone’s pet in the up most thoughtful way during a difficult time.  Their pet may be gone, but these keepsakes can be a sentiment that lives on forever in their heart.  Please visit for our full product line.



Veterans Day Gifts

Veterans Day is a day to honor all men and women who have served our country.  A veteran is anyone who has served in any of the branches within the US Armed Forces.  It was first commemorated as Armistice Day after the 11th hour of the 11th day of 11th month of 1918, after an armistice was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the World War I.  It became a federal holiday in 1938 after the World War II and Korean War.  It was also changed from Armistice Day to Veterans Day as a holiday dedicated to American veterans of all wars.  Veterans Day is to show tribute to all American veterans, whether they are living or dead.  It is also a time to show all living veterans who served our country honorably during war or peacetime.  Pic the Gift would like to present some our favorite veterans day gifts for our favorite veterans!

Custom Photo Key Chain

A personalized key chain can be given to any veteran, whether it is your brother or your boss, they can take a special message with them wherever they go!  This Custom Photo Key Chain is made from zinc alloy.  It resembles a dog tag and very durable.  The key chain measures 1-15/16″x 1-3/16″ and is 1/8″ thick.  The background color is customizable and you may add an image or text.  Add the veterans name or initials and maybe their biggest accomplishment in the military so there will be no question as to whose keys they are!

veterans day gifts

Personalized Stainless Steel Flask

Drinking flasks are an American icon found throughout history.  Personalized Stainless Steel Flask is great for any veteran.  It is made from food quality stainless steel that will create a beautiful, unique antique look to all images.  Pic the Gift’s online designer allows the ability to use the library of clip-art or upload your own photos and files.  There is an option to add a background cover.  Use the advanced text field to create an amazing special effects.  Please remember to include their favorite drink along with the flask to create a great gift for a veteran.

veterans day gifts

Personalized Flip Top Lighter

Flip Top Lighters were very popular among the American military during World War II.  It acted out a dependable and sturdy lighter that will always light no matter.  Our Personalized Flip Top Lighter is a great custom gift for any veteran.  The lighter comes in either chrome or white and both includes a great chrome gift case.   Both sides of the base and the flip top can be decorated.  The white finish is great for photo images and will give give the ability to showcase most of the detail.  The chrome finish is great for logo’s and gives it an antiqued look as the chrome will bleed through your image.  Pic the Gift uses a unique process that infuses the images and photos directly onto the lighter, that creates a durable and beautiful image to for years!

veterans day gifts

Personalized Small Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelet is a perfect way to honor the veterans who have supported and those currently fighting for our freedom and serving our country.   The .75″ wide, Personalized Small Cuff Bracelet will have a high quality photo finish is made from durable aluminum.  It has either a white or silver metallic finish.  The white looks great for photo finishes.  The silver is great for images that allow show through and looks amazing with black-and-white photos to create an antiqued look.

veterans day gifts

Personalized Photo Gift Tin

Tin boxes makes a keepsake or collectible item or a box to keep collectables.  The Personalized Photo Gift Tin is approximately 6″ x 8″ x 2″ and is food grade.  It is white and the photos and designs will be infused directly onto the tin.  While designing make sure to cover the entire template to cover the white.  Upload a favorite photo or design and add a touching saying to create a personal gift tin.  It is a great keepsake box to place Challenge Coins in!

veterans day gifts

Not only in America we commemorate veterans for World Wars I and II, but also Britain, France, Australia and Canada.  Canada has Remembrance Day, while Britain has Remembrance Sunday (the second Sunday of November).  In Europe, Britain and the Commonwealth countries holds a two minute of silence at 11 a.m. every November 11.  All of Pic the Gifts veterans day gifts are made in America and shipping is completely free!  Please check out our full line of products at  Thank you to all those who are and have served our country!!!