Fall Gifts

Have you looked outside and seen all the beautiful leaves turning colors or that every food is now pumpkin flavored?  Well if you have not already noticed, it is fall now!  Cool breezes, crisp apples, and the scent of pumpkins inspire families to gather, relax and feast at home.  Help someone welcome the fall season with fall gifts at Pic the Gift!

Personalized Doormat

Custom printed outdoor doormats can accent any homes entry way.  Our Personalized Doormat welcomes visitors and the fall season!  This 20″x26″ custom rubber door mat is not made out of mouse-pad material, but with real non-slip rubber backing.  It has a large 18″x24″ imaging area with a black borders.  It will work great for indoors as well.  Put it in the kitchen or in a mud room!  We do suggest giving the door mat a light mist of scotch guard or similar product onto the image area to it an extra protection.  Give a gift that will make someone’s home welcoming and warm for the fall!

Fall Gifts

Personalized Photo Wood Wall Panel

Leaves falling off a tree can be messy inside the house, but a display on the wall will keep it tidy!  This Personalized Photo Wood Wall Panel would bring fall into anyone’s home!  This photo panel is ChromaLuxe Wood is 11″x14″x5/8″ with a black edge.  They may be designed to either be hung landscape or portrait.  Pic the Gift uses its special technique to infuse the image directly onto the specially coated wood panel with a scratch resistant finish.  This helps the image to be durable, long-lasting, and amazing!  This gift will make any home look as beautiful as it does outside!

Fall Gifts

Personalized Laundry Bag

Fall and college goes to together like peanut butter and jelly!  If you know a college student away at school, by now they probably wishing that they may need another or an addition laundry bag to haul to the laundry mat!  A Personalized Laundry Bag will help them not only identify their own bag, but help out with the extra loads!   This 23.5″x27″ laundry tote is made from a durable canvas material and has a drawstring closure.  Both the front and back of the bag is customizable.  Another great idea, is to fill it with some new laundry soap, dryer sheets, and a roll of quarters!

Fall Gifts

Personalized Color Changing Photo Mug

Nothing goes better with fall than a hot cup of delicious coffee or hot chocolate for those that do not like coffee.  Cuddle up in your favorite blanket with a fresh cup and get a surprise!  A Personalized Color Changing Photo Mug has a special heat sensitive coating that changes colors as it heats up and reveals a personalized image or message.  This 11 ounce mug is black.  The hotter the liquid is, the quicker the image or message appears.  When the liquid becomes cold, it will disappear.  Give someone a surprise that has its own surprise!

Fall Gifts

Personalized Photo Serving Tray

Well, that Personalized Color Changing Photo Mug could be served on this awesome Personalized Photo Serving Tray!  This tray comes in two sizes 11″x17″ and 8″x13″ print area and comes in either natural or espresso finish.  Personalized serving trays make great a fall gift that could serve a lot of purposes, as well as every day use.  Pic the Gift’s designer gives the ability to use stock images or upload your own.  Do not forget to use the advance text field to create an amazing effect.  Give a gift that can serve a great fall treat!

Fall Gifts

Fall is here and there is no doubt in that!  Here at Pic the Gift we offer plenty of great fall gifts that will help anyone fall into the mood for the upcoming cold!  Please visit our site http://www.picthegift.com/ for more great personalized gifts and remember all shipping is free and all of our products are made right here in America!  Enjoy your fall!




Gifts for Mother-In-Laws

This October 26th is National Mother-In-Law Day.  Mother-In-Law Day originated in Amarillo, Texas by a newspaper editor on March 05, 1934 to show appreciation for the spouse’s mother.  It was later moved to the fourth Sunday of October.  It is an opportunity to show your Mother-in-law that you are appreciative of her and that she is a part of your family. Finding Gifts for Mother-in-laws may be a really difficult task, especially if you feel that she did not like the ones you have already given her in the past.  But have no fear, Pic the Gift is here!

Personalized Dog Tag

This would be great to give to a Mother-in-law who loves to brag about their son/daughter’s family or even a proud mother of a service member.  This Personalized Dog Tag is single sided and comes with an optional beaded chain.  The tag is made out of metal and measures 1 1/8″ x 2″.  You can personalize your custom dog tags with your own message and picture that she can hold close to the heart.

Gifts for Mother-In-Law

Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Puzzle

Putting together a puzzle can be a great way for the family to spend time with the in-laws.  The Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Puzzle is more durable than most cardboard puzzles and has a premium surface.  The puzzle is 6.7″ with 23 hardboard pieces and is shipped in a clear display sleeve.  The online designer can upload a photo or multiples to create a collage that will build her heart.  Puzzles are a great way to spend time working together, relax and have a good conversation with your mother-in-law.

Gifts for Mother-In-Law

Personalized Tote Bag

There is no specific use for tote bags, but they can be used for anything and everything and are great for travel.  Even better, a tote bag is a perfect gift for your mother-in-law!  This 14″x16″ Personalized Tote Bag has vibrant colors and made with a durable canvas that will last.  Both sides are designable and the tote has multiple colored handles to choose from.  Give her a gift made personally for her that is practical and useful.

Gifts for Mother-In-Law

Custom Heart Shaped Photo Magnet

Fridge magnets are always proudly displayed on the fridge and are a wonderful way to put up the artwork made by children.  Give your mother-in-law a magnet to always remind her of your family!  The Custom Heart Shaped Photo Magnet is 2.5″ and made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic.  The FRP created an extremely vibrant and durable magnet that will last for years to come.  Design it with a picture of the family or with a saying of appreciation for her.

Gifts for Mother-In-Law

Personalized Key Hanger

Key hangers are a great home decor gift that has an immense utility.  They are great to keep all important keys in one place, and to keep them from being misplaced.  This Personalized Key Hanger has four brass hooks and is made from medium density fiber board.  Pic the Gift’s online designer helps you upload your own photos, files, designs, or text to create a one-of-a-kind home decor for your mother-in-law.  You may also use the stock images and designs as well as the advanced text field to create amazing effects.

Gifts for Mother-In-Law

National Mother-In-Law Day is October 26th.  It is a day to spend some time to show your mother-in-law that she is still a part of their child’s life and their own family that they have started. Every mother-in-law will love a gift that shows some thoughtfulness and personalization.  If your mother-in-law has a favorite hobby or has an interest or desire for a new home decor, Pic the Gift has the perfect gifts for mother-in-laws!  Please check out our site http://www.picthegift.com/ to find other customizable gifts for your mother-in-law!

Personalized Boss’s Day Gift

October 16th is a day for the boss!  It is a day for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year.  The purpose of designating this special day in the workplace is to show the appreciation for your boss and strengthen the bond between employees.  To show your gratitude for your boss get your personalized boss’s day gift.  Please do not spend a lot of time laboring over a gift, check out Pic the Gift’s top picks for your boss!

Personalized Desk Name Plate

Earn some respect with this gift that will sit on their desk and be displayed with pride!  The Personalized Desk Name Plate can also hold business cards and has two pen slots!  The name plate is made out of mahogany and measures 9.5″x1.7″.  Pic the Gift infuses the design into the coating to create a durable and vibrant image.  When designing, remember to cover the entire template.  Upload the company’s logo or the boss’s favorite team logo.  Adding text or any special filter can further create a stunning name tag.  Their name plate can remind them of their status and how hard they have worked to achieve their title as “Boss”!

boss's day gift

Personalized Business Card Holder

Want to help keep your boss’s business cards organized?  This Personalized Business Card Holder is just the trick!  It is truly stunning with a mahogany wood finish and an infused photo coating.  Design the 2″x2.5″ image area with the company’s logo or a picture of their family or pet.  Make it unique with special filters or text.  Make sure your boss’s business card is always handy!

boss's day gift

Personalized Dry Erase Photo Clipboard

Have a boss who loves to use a clipboard during the daily walk through, or when they take notes during meetings? The Personalized Dry Erase Photo Clipboard  is very useful for all these tasks!  This 9″x15.5″ clipboard can be customized on both sides, has a sleek flat clip, and is dry erasable.  Place the company’s logo or a picture of a tranquil landscape that is infused into the coating so it stays durable and vibrant.  Help your boss keep their notes together for a smooth sailing work day, for their sanity…and yours!

boss's day gift

Personalized Photo Mug with Colored Rim and Handle

Can your boss function without a cup of coffee in the morning?  I know mine can’t!  Give them this Personalized Photo Mug from Pic the Gift this Boss’s Day!  This mug is 11 ounces and you can choose red, blue, light blue, or black for rim and handle.  It is both dishwasher and microwave safe.  Don’t want to give them a mug that just reads “World’s Greatest Boss”?  Here are some different sayings you can use for their mug: “Like a Bo$$”, “No fear the Boss is here”, “Everyone is entitled to my opinion”.  Get the day jump started with a cup of Joe!

boss's day gift

Personalized Photo Mouse Pad

A great reason to have a mouse pad is so your mouse has a flat, smooth surface to glide on.  It gives the ability have a more accurate and quick mouse movement.  It provides consistent, easy-to-read surface for optical mice and keeps the desk from getting damaged.  Make your boss’s desk a little bit more “cool” with a Personalized Photo Mouse Pad from Pic the Gift!  Choose from 1/4″ or 1/8″ thick and place the company’s logo, picture of a favorite animal, or even better their favorite Star Wars character!

boss's day gift

Just know that you are not being a total kiss up and show your boss that your do appreciate their hard-work and that you have a great respect for them this October 16th!  Get them a boss’s day gift that will not only strike their memory, but also their heart!  Pic the Gift offers free shipping on all orders!  Please visit us for our full line of products www.picthegift.com.

Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts

October is the month for National Breast Cancer Awareness, an annual campaign to increase the awareness for the disease.  Many people are already aware of breast cancer, but there are some that forget the signs and ways to detect the disease in its early stages.  Breast Cancer Awareness gifts help encourage everyone to become more educated and to spread more awareness to others.  Here at Pic the Gift we have many products that can be customized for breast cancer awareness and help show support for the fight against the disease, here is our top picks!

Personalized Infinity Scarves

Who said making others aware of breast cancer should not be fashionable?  The answer is, no one!  Our Personalized Infinity Scarves can bring attention to the disease with ease!  This scarf is 34.5″x61″ and made out of soft and vibrant material that has great color retention.  You may use your own design or choose from a design from our library of stock images.  When creating your own scarf please follow Pic the Gift’s instructions, because we want you to create a flawless scarf you will be proud to show your support with.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Personalized Neck Tie

Men can show their support for breast cancer too!  Let women know or even other men that this disease does not only affect women, but men, and families as well.  This Personalized Neck Tie is a great way to spread information!  Pic the Gift has a unique technique of infusing the photo into the fibers to create a vibrant color that last!  The measurements of the tie is 3.5″x56″ and you have the option to decorate all or part of the tie.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Custom All Over Neoprene Lunch Tote

A great time to catch other people’s attention is at lunch time!  Everyone is sitting down, not thinking too much of work, and discussing with others life topics.  So why not give them something to talk about?  This Custom All Over Neoprene Lunch Tote will do just the trick!  This tote is 12″x12″ and fully customizable on both sides.  The designer template is 12.5″x12.5″ so please be aware of the location of the hole when creating your design.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Personalized iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s Case Wallet

For those that are on the go and always passing new people, grab their attention and make them aware of breast cancer with your cell phones case.  Carry everything you need in a nice little case with the ability to use all of your phone functionality.  Our Personalized iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s Case Wallet has accessibility to the camera, audio jack, volume buttons, and 2 slots to hold credit cards, and your id.  The case has a secure magnet closure to keep everything organized and together.  Create an iPhone 5/5s by uploading your own designs or use our stock designs in the our web designer.  The case is available in your choice of black, red, or pink.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Personalized Car Flag and Car Pole

Grab just about everyone’s attention while on the road.  This Personalized Car Flag and Car Pole is great way to bring awareness to breast cancer.  The car flag is imaged on one side and measures 10.5″x16″.  It includes a car window clip and pole.  The designer gives you the ability to upload your own design or use our stock library.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women.  About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point.  Bringing awareness to breast cancer can help give more education on symptoms and early detections, that can increase long-term survival rates.  You can give a gift that will help boost breast cancer awareness during October, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with one of Pic the Gift’s customized products!  Remember all of our orders have free shipping!!! View our full ine of products at http://www.picthegift.com/.

Gifts For a Woman

Looking for ideas for a gift for a woman?  This subject may be on an easier note for most women, but if it is not or if you are a male and looking for ideas, you are in luck!  Pic the Gift offers all types personalized gifts that will make that woman feel very special and surprised.  Check out our favorites of gifts for a woman.

Personalized Photo Barrette

Does this woman love to do her hair and wear hair accessories?  Our Personalized Photo Barrette would look great in her next hairdo!  There are two different finishes available, a white that will display a true-like photo quality and a metallic silver that gives a glitter resemblance.  The size of clip is 1″ x 3″  and you can design the barrette with our or your own photo, design, or image, then add text, filters, or a background color to create her new favorite hair accessory!

gifts for a woman

Custom Glass Cutting Board

Is cooking or baking among her favorite hobbies or even her profession?  A Custom Glass Cutting Board would make a great addition to her arsenal of awesome kitchen gadgets!  These cutting boards are made with textured tempered glass and are more sanitary than wood cutting boards.  This board measures 11″ x 14″ or choose the 8″ x  11“.  The creation process is a unique process where we penetrate the back of the glass cutting board so that the image is protected by being “in” the glass and is prone from possible glass scratching while being applied to the back.  The designer allows you to use provided images, texts, and background or upload your own.  You may use the advanced text field to create an amazing effect.  Give her something that will make her time in the kitchen even more enjoyable!

gifts for a woman

Custom Work Tote Bag

Does she carry a lot of things to and from work or school?  A Custom Work Tote Bag would be a great and functional gift for a woman who loves to have everything she needs in one place!  Our totes are constructed from a durable microfiber fabric with a 24″ leather handle.  Inside has three compartments with a center pocket that is cushioned and can fit a 15″ laptop, the side pocket can fit a 17″ laptop, and the third pocket has a zipper and an attached key fob.  The overall size of the bag is 19″x14″x15″ with an image area of 14″x19″.  The bag is totally customizable from front to back with your own or our image, design, and text.  If you are looking for a gift that you want her to carry with her at all times, this is one of those.

gifts for a woman

Personalized Yoga Mat

Is yoga in her daily schedule or maybe even her life?  If you are not completely certain on what her size is, clothes are totally out of the question!  Our Personalized Yoga Mat would be a great gift!  This mat offers premium functionality as well premium grip and is customizable on both side.  It is 1/4″ thick and measures 24″x68″.  Use our designs or create your own designs with your own photos.  Create her a gift that really makes a stand worth her mind and body!

gifts for a woman

Personalized Spa Wrap Towel

Who does not love to go to the spa and get pampered?  A crazy person!  Our Personalized Spa Wrap Towel is a great gift for any woman who enjoys time at the spa.  This wrap is made of super soft material that is great to the touch and fashionable.  The elastic top and Velcro closure makes this spa wrap fit any body size and measures 30″x60″.

gifts for a woman

Now that we went through our favorite gifts for a woman, which one are you going to start to design for her?  Give her a gift of personalization from Pic the Gift!  For our full line of products visit us at www.picthegift.com.