Custom Football Gifts for Boys

It is that time of year of again, football season is here!  Give your little man a gift with his favorite football team that he would love to show off.  Sure, you can give them a hat or a jersey, but Pic the Gift can go above and beyond all a simple store bought gift. With Pic the Gift you are in control of customizing your own product which gives you the ability to be as creative as you want.To help you get started, Pic the Gift presents a great list of ideas for custom football gifts for boys.  So, keep your “World’s Best Gift Giver” title and use Pic the Gift’s online designer to make that one-of-a-kind gift!

Custom Photo Football Bag Tag

Want to give a gift that will hold up for a tough guy?  Give him a bag tag that is durable and totally customizable.  Our Custom Photo Football Bag Tag is in the shape of a football and made with Fiber Reinforced Plastic and comes with a Mylar strap.  Both sides are able to be modified, so place his favorite mascot on one side and his favorite player on the other!  You have the options to use the stock clip-art, upload your own images, designs, or text…be creative!


Photo Football Key Chain

Know a forgetful football fan? Make sure to give him a gift that will keep him from loosing his keys.  Our Photo Football Key Chain is two sided and made with a durable Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic.  Construct a vivid and durable gift from our stocked photos and designs or you can use your own.  Design a great gift that he can show his support of his favorite football team and take wherever he goes!


Personalized Photo Sports Towel

Here is a perfect gift that shows off his fandom and works great while he is on the field.  Our Personalized Photo Sports Towel is about 15″x 22″ and made from premium microfiber that offers great absorption and formulated to have a soft feel.  You can personalize the front and if desired, can design the back for a small fee.  Deck your towel out with team photos, or a favorite football team’s logo!


Custom Drawstring Back Sack

Give a gift that he would love to sport off to everyone!  Our Custom Drawstring Back Sack is 12″ x 15.7″ great to store his belongings, or to throw those sweaty socks!  Customize the front with your own uploaded photos or use our stock clip-arts and designs.  Then add his team name or his favorite college or professional team.

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Personalized Lunch Tote or Cooler Bag

Does he need a new lunch tote or a place to keep his drinks cold and refreshing while he is playing hard on the field?  Our Personalized Lunch Tote or Cooler Bag can sport off his favorite team, school, or his personal football moment!  It has a zipper closure and the strap is approximately 40 inches long.  The cooler bag is made with durable material that is built to last even with the toughest player!

Christmas gift ideas for kids

The next time you are looking frantically for the perfect gift, remember these custom football gifts for boys and make your gift a touchdown! Give your star player or football fanatic a custom football gift that was totally created with him in mind.  Our online designer gives you full control of your design with options to add text with custom fonts, borders, background colors, clip-art, and more! For our full line of customizable products please visit Find a product you love, create a one-of-a-kind design, and give the gift of customization today!

Date Night Gift Ideas

Date nights are a great way to let your significant other know that you care and to give that special person a thoughtful personalized gift designed by you! For this reason Pic the Gift has come up with a list of date night gift ideas to help get you inspired and create a beautiful photo gift for your loved one. Choose your favorite customizable gift, use Pic the Gift’s online designer to upload photos and create one of a kind designs, and voilà, the perfect gift!

Premium Leather Keychain

Looking for a small yet thoughtful gift to add to your special date night? A photo keychain is a great little gift that can really mean a lot. Our Premium Leather Keychain can be easily customized with your favorite picture of the two of you or a treasured picture of the kids. Pic the Gift’s online designer makes uploading photos fast and easy from your computer, camera, Instagram, or Facebook! The keychain is made from premium full grain leather and has a nickel plated key fob.

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Neoprene Wine Tote

Create a romantic picnic lunch in the park or a fun night in on the living room floor. Either way, no romantic picnic would be complete without a bottle of wine. For your picnic date, our Neoprene Wine Tote makes for the perfect addition and can be used for future dates, parties, and other fun outings. The wine tote holds standard wine bottles and champagne bottles. Customize with a simple, yet elegant monogram or upload a fun picture from your trip to the winery or from vacation.

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Leather Photo Compact Mirror

For a touch of glamour and class this Leather Photo Compact Mirror would make a great night on the town for a dinner and a movie date night gift! The premium compact mirror has two interior mirrors and measures 2.75″ in diameter. You can add as little or as much customization as you want with a personalized saying or a full image. The mirror is made on full grain genuine leather and the decoration process actually prints your design directly onto the leather.

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Arch Top Hinged Photo Panel Set

The Arch Top Hinged Photo Panel Set is a twist on a classic photo gift. It incorporates the sentimental picture gift, but gives you the opportunity to make three photo panels that will all display together beautifully. All three panels feature a unique arch top and measure 5″x7″. Add a special photo to each panel or leave one for a quote, bible verse, or note. Add special effects like black and white or sepia, background colors, or borders to customize even more.

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Keepsake Box with Mahogany Finish

If you are celebrating an anniversary or other occasion this date night, our Keepsake Box with Espresso Finish can be used for jewelry, watches, or sentimental storage your significant other will love. The keepsake box pictured is 6″x8″ but we have boxes available in a Mahogany finish or different sizes, that can be found here. Your loved one will adore putting all of their valuables in a photo keepsake box that was designed specifically with them in mind.

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So the next time you are planning a date night, remember these special date night gift ideas that will surely surprise, delight, and be treasured for years to come. Give the gift of customization for a one of a kind, unique present. Find more gift ideas and our full line of customizable products online at

Gifts ideas for Grandparent’s Day

September 7th, 2014 is Grandparent’s Day! In honor of Grandparent’s Day we are excited to share some great gift ideas that are perfect for showing your love and appreciation for all the special grandparents in your life. Help capture treasured memories by designing a stunning photo gift in the Pic the Gift easy to use online designer. Upload pictures, play with special effects and backgrounds, add text and more for the best Grandparent gift you could imagine! For some inspiration, check out our gift ideas below.

Personalized Photo Apron

Baking cookies with grandma just got better with a specially made photo apron! If your grandma is the queen of the kitchen and your grandpa is the king of the grill than make them both feel special with a one of a kind apron for Grandparent’s Day! Fun for the whole family, these custom aprons can be designed however you would like. Cover the entire front of the apron with a favorite image or browse through our hundreds of clip art images to make a unique design.

grandparent's dayPhoto Eyeglass Case

If your grandparent doesn’t go anywhere with out their eye glasses, design them a custom leather eyeglass case that they can take wherever they go! The case is equipped to hold almost all sizes of eye glasses with a diameter of 1 1/4″.  Not only is the case great looking but it is made out of 100% leather that keeps the eye glasses protected. Design this beautiful accessory with a picture of the grandchildren or a favorite quote to add that special touch to a great gift.

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Photo Collage Throw Blanket

What better way to show off all of the grandchildren then with a personalized photo collage throw blanket? this nine panel throw blanket gives you plenty of room to add all of the best pictures of the grand kids. The stunning piece is warm to snuggle up to in the cold months, and can be used as decoration draped on a couch or hung on a wall as a tapestry during the warm months! Made out of 50/50 Cotton/Polyester, the blanket is machine washable.

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Picture Coasters

Don’t forget to use a coaster! Made out of Sandstone and featuring a cork back, the premium photo coaster set will look great on your grandparent’s coffee table. The round set comes with a beautiful Mahogany coaster set that easily stores the coasters while not in use and acts as a great decoration piece. The best part is you can decorate all four coasters individually or all the same, it’s up to you!

grandparent's day

Custom Garden Flag

Your grandparent will love seeing a custom garden flag that you made for them in their yard or garden. The possibilities are endless when designing your garden flag, and can be customized for any or all seasons. Create one special flag with a last name or special saying, or create four fun flags for Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring!

Grandparent's day

Show your grandparent’s that you care this year by making them a thoughtful personalized gift that they can adore throughout the year. Spend time with the ones you love this Grandparent’s Day and give the gift of personalization!

Gardening With Children

Gardening with children is a great activity that teaches them productivity, science, nutrition, and confidence. This year I decided to try my luck with gardening. I wanted to try to cut back our costs at the grocery store and also have fresh veggies and fruit available to my family. Gardens have so many benefits especially when made into a family activity.


We found several ways to keep the kids very involved in our gardening project. We started by having the girls go with us and pick out the seeds. My daughters picked zucchini, cucumber, watermelon, yellow squash, red peppers, herbs, and tomatoes. My husband made a simple garden box out of a few pieces of wood and three bags of soil. We are also planning on making a couple garden boxes out of recycled material. We have gotten a few pallets from people we know. We are going to turn them upside down and cover the bottom with a green cloth. We will flip it over and fill it with dirt then place the seeds in the open rows created by the boards. This will be a great way to keep all of the plants separate and to have an instant garden. I took the girls out to the garden box and I placed the seeds into the dirt and let them push them into the dirt then cover them up. The back of the package of seeds gives us instructions on how far apart we need to place them. I let the kids go outside every few days and water the plants. The girls also are in charge of pulling out all the weeds. I found that there are many things children are able to do when it comes to gardening.

Gardening also makes for a great learning experience for kids and is a great lesson in science. Children learn about the way plants grow and can track the changes in flowers. I personally never knew that a lot of the veggies grow right where the flower grows and that when the flower grows and dies it becomes the end of the vegetable. I also never knew that cucumber plants are extremely prickly, probably to protect the plant from bugs and small critters. The children learn about the weather and how that can affect the garden too. My oldest daughter is keeping a journal where she draws out the growth of the plants each week and also keeps track of the weather throughout the week. When the plants grow into their full size we get to use them for cooking and test different recipes to figure out what they prefer. They also learn a lot by making the recipes. Measuring helps to teach them about math, while they learn science by discovering how certain ingredients cause chemical reactions through the cooking process. There is so much that kids can learn from making a garden!


As an added bonus growing your own garden can teach children how to make investments and to create their own resources. We have found that growing a garden can help stretch our money and grocery budget. I was explaining to my oldest daughter the idea of investing time and money in something and patiently waiting for your reward. We spent fifty cents on a pack of clearance heirloom seeds. The seeds have already grown into six full size cucumbers. So our initial fifty cent investment and the investment of our time and efforts have already saved us a couple of dollars, and we are only beginning to see the harvest. Learning about wise investments is an important lesson for kids.

We have really enjoyed spending the time with our kids growing our garden. I hope you find some inspiration to try your hand at gardening with children too!

Customized Presents for Guys

Out of everyone that you buy presents for who is the most difficult? Most people would answer that they have the hardest time buying presents for guys. Well Pic the Gift has the solution for you! A customized gift that is specifically made by you for your dad, brother, boyfriend, son, friend, or family member is the easiest way to ensure a unique gift that is different than anything you can find in a store. Create custom gifts with photos, text, backgrounds, and borders for a creative twist to some classic products.

Leather Wallet

Our Leather Billfold Wallet has plenty of room for your guy’s everyday essentials and includes six credit card slots, a clear ID pocket, and a large pocket for cash. The wallet gives you the ability to create a one of a kind wallet that can showcase the receiver’s favorite picture, sports logo, or design. With this custom wallet there is no need to carry around a picture of the family, the family picture can be on the wallet!

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Trailer Hitch Cover

Does your guy have a hitch on the back of his vehicle? If so design him his very own trailer hitch cover! Available for a 2″ and 1.25″ post trailer hitch, the custom trailer hitch cover is a fun addition to any vehicle. Create a design to show his support for his favorite sports team or add a silly saying that the cars behind him can read! “If you can read this you’re too close!” Not what you are looking for? Find more custom car products here.

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Cell Phone Case

The one thing men and women won’t leave home without? Their cell phone of course! That’s why designing one of our custom cell phone cases, like our iPhone 5/5s case, is a great gift for guys. This iPhone 5/5s case has reinforced rubber corners to ensure a safely held cell phone and protection against bumps and drops. Choose from either white or black and create your own custom case with images, logos or your own design. Don’t need an iPhone case? Check out our full line of custom phone accessories and cases here.

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Laptop Case

Everyone these days has a laptop in place of a desktop computer, so why not help the guy in your life protect his computer with a custom Neoprene Laptop Case. This protective cover acts as an extra padding and keeps the laptop safe from bumps, sharp objects, and dust. Whether going to school, work, or on a trip a customized lap top case will protect and awe wherever it goes.

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Leather Money Clip

Does your guy hate carrying a wallet (some really do)? What about giving him a personalized photo money clip instead!? The smaller, sleeker design of the money clip will fit comfortably in a pocket and has enough space for credit cards and an ID as well as the secure clip to keep your money safe. Made out of 100% leather, the money clip can be customized on the front with your own custom design that is directly applied to the leather.

presents for guys

The best part about creating custom gifts is the freedom it allows you to have. Let your creativity go wild as you design custom gifts for the whole family! Change the color of the background, add a border, use special effects like black and white or sepia, choose unique fonts for text, and play around with hundreds of clip-art images. The power is yours! Start creating custom presents for your guys that they’ll love!