Personalized Baby Gifts

A new bundle of joy on their way?  Needing a gift for a baby shower that you want to be unique?  Pic the Gifts has many options to create plenty of personalized baby gifts!

The practice of celebrating pregnancy and childbirth date way back to Ancient Egypt.  During the Renaissance, mothers-to-be were presented with handmade gifts, clothes, and food.  The modern baby shower started after WWII during the baby boom era to help with the ease of the finances of welcoming a new addition to the family.  There are many different traditions of pregnant women and celebration of their new child all across the world.

Personalized Laundry Bag

Accidents happen, especially with babies and kids!  I would keep a small bag in my diaper bag to put any clothes that may have gotten dirty or soiled.  This Personalized Laundry Bag is 23.5×27″ and made out of canvas.  The bag has a drawstring to close it for easy opening and dumping straight into the washing machine.  Both sides are able to designed with an image, background, or monogram.  Any area that is not covered in the designing stage will remain white.  There is an additional 2-3 day production process for this product.

Personalized Baby Gifts

Personalized Baby Bib

Baby bibs not only protect baby’s clothes when they eat, but it is great for when they become little drool monsters!  The Personalized Baby Bib is made from super soft material with a satin trim and an easy Velcro neck closure.  This bib makes a great gift, because it can be decorated from edge to edge with realistic images.  Include cool designs or a favorite baby saying!  Any area that is left blank with appear white.  Create a truly one-of-a-kind baby bib that will stand out anywhere!

Personalized Baby Gifts

Personalized Door Hanger

I would have loved to have a door hanger to hang on my front door…”Shh, Baby is sleeping! Please do not use the doorbell!”  Do you know how many naps that could have saved?  The Personalized Door Hanger is fully customizable on both sides and made from durable FRP plastic.  Pic the Gift uses it’s unique decoration process by infusing the image into the plastic that creates a true photographic quality full color decoration.  Create a sign that will keep everyone sane when the baby goes down for their nap!

Personalized Baby Gifts

Custom Baby Blanket

Diapers and blankets are two things you could never get enough for the beginning materials for a baby!  This Custom Baby Blanket is very super soft and double sided!  The blanket is made from super soft poly fleece and measures 16″x12″.  During the production process be creative and keep all key images from the edges of the blanket or they will be cut off.  Give a gift that could possibly become the baby’s favorite keepsake when they become older and last forever!

Personalized Baby Gifts

Personalized Sport Bottle

Give a gift for the mother that will sure be practical for when the baby comes!  A breast-feeding mother needs to stay hydrated!  This Personalized Sport Bottle can hold 32 ounces of pure liquid gold, water!  This bottle also includes a clear straw with a tip, white lid, and an insulator sleeve.  The plastic is Biodegradable, CPSIA Certified, Recyclable, FDA and Phthalate Free, BPA Free-Lead Free.  It is made in the USA and top rack dishwasher safe!  Please be sure to follow all the design instructions on the template to give the best placement of designs onto the bottle!

Personalized Baby Gifts

When a woman is pregnant and even the birth of a new child is a great time to celebrate!  A baby shower is a great time for soon-to-be mothers to receive gifts they may need to help get ready to welcome their new bundle of joy!  The next time you are invited to a baby shower and want to give a great gift that will last please choose from Pic the Gift’s personalized baby gifts!  For to view our full product line, please visit us at



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