Personalized Boss’s Day Gift

October 16th is a day for the boss!  It is a day for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and fair throughout the year.  The purpose of designating this special day in the workplace is to show the appreciation for your boss and strengthen the bond between employees.  To show your gratitude for your boss get your personalized boss’s day gift.  Please do not spend a lot of time laboring over a gift, check out Pic the Gift’s top picks for your boss!

Personalized Desk Name Plate

Earn some respect with this gift that will sit on their desk and be displayed with pride!  The Personalized Desk Name Plate can also hold business cards and has two pen slots!  The name plate is made out of mahogany and measures 9.5″x1.7″.  Pic the Gift infuses the design into the coating to create a durable and vibrant image.  When designing, remember to cover the entire template.  Upload the company’s logo or the boss’s favorite team logo.  Adding text or any special filter can further create a stunning name tag.  Their name plate can remind them of their status and how hard they have worked to achieve their title as “Boss”!

boss's day gift

Personalized Business Card Holder

Want to help keep your boss’s business cards organized?  This Personalized Business Card Holder is just the trick!  It is truly stunning with a mahogany wood finish and an infused photo coating.  Design the 2″x2.5″ image area with the company’s logo or a picture of their family or pet.  Make it unique with special filters or text.  Make sure your boss’s business card is always handy!

boss's day gift

Personalized Dry Erase Photo Clipboard

Have a boss who loves to use a clipboard during the daily walk through, or when they take notes during meetings? The Personalized Dry Erase Photo Clipboard  is very useful for all these tasks!  This 9″x15.5″ clipboard can be customized on both sides, has a sleek flat clip, and is dry erasable.  Place the company’s logo or a picture of a tranquil landscape that is infused into the coating so it stays durable and vibrant.  Help your boss keep their notes together for a smooth sailing work day, for their sanity…and yours!

boss's day gift

Personalized Photo Mug with Colored Rim and Handle

Can your boss function without a cup of coffee in the morning?  I know mine can’t!  Give them this Personalized Photo Mug from Pic the Gift this Boss’s Day!  This mug is 11 ounces and you can choose red, blue, light blue, or black for rim and handle.  It is both dishwasher and microwave safe.  Don’t want to give them a mug that just reads “World’s Greatest Boss”?  Here are some different sayings you can use for their mug: “Like a Bo$$”, “No fear the Boss is here”, “Everyone is entitled to my opinion”.  Get the day jump started with a cup of Joe!

boss's day gift

Personalized Photo Mouse Pad

A great reason to have a mouse pad is so your mouse has a flat, smooth surface to glide on.  It gives the ability have a more accurate and quick mouse movement.  It provides consistent, easy-to-read surface for optical mice and keeps the desk from getting damaged.  Make your boss’s desk a little bit more “cool” with a Personalized Photo Mouse Pad from Pic the Gift!  Choose from 1/4″ or 1/8″ thick and place the company’s logo, picture of a favorite animal, or even better their favorite Star Wars character!

boss's day gift

Just know that you are not being a total kiss up and show your boss that your do appreciate their hard-work and that you have a great respect for them this October 16th!  Get them a boss’s day gift that will not only strike their memory, but also their heart!  Pic the Gift offers free shipping on all orders!  Please visit us for our full line of products


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