Personalized Stocking Stuffer

Nothing symbolizes Christmas like the hanging of stockings above the fireplace mantle.  There many different origins of the custom; however, families the all over the world practice the tradition of the Christmas stocking.  Stockings are available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes.  Of course everyone has a personalized stocking, but are the stocking stuffer personalized?  This year create everyone their own personalized stocking stuffer from Pic the Gift!

Personalized Mini License Plate

Mini license plates are perfect for any stocking stuffer!  Not only are they ideal for motorcycles, but they are great for bicycles, too.  Add any image, design, or text to the 2.9″x5.875″ FRP Personalized Mini License Plate.  Pic The Gifts unique decoration process infuses photos into the metal coating to crate a stunning and lasting photo license plate. Pic the Gift’s designer allows you to use clip-art provided, upload your own photo’s, files, designs or text or our stock images and designs.  Create amazing effects with the advanced text field.  Design key text or images away from the boundaries to reduce the possibility of losing the image during the production.  Enjoy creating someone a this gift!

Personalized Stocking Stuffer

Personalized Oval Metal Photo Key Chain

A key chain is always a practical, but great stocking stuffer!  The Personalized Oval Metal Photo Key Chain is 2.5″x1.375″ and is double sided.  Personalize the key chain with your favorite photo images by uploading your own images and personalize the picture key chains for your style and needs.  While designing the key chain be sure to use the advanced settings to add borders and effects to finish the details!  Please note, the key chain is double sided and if you do not design both sides, the side not imaged will be white.

Personalized Stocking Stuffer

Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzle with Gift Box- 30 Piece

Create a custom puzzle and make a fun, personalized stocking stuffer for all ages.  This Personalized Photo Jigsaw Puzzle measures 7.5″ x 9.5″ and has a unique high gloss.  The photo puzzle is packaged inside a gift box with an image of the puzzle on the outside.  Use the art online designer to upload the perfect photo or photos.  Add a special touch by selecting from our Clip-art or add your own custom text.  You can change the background color.  The advanced setting tab allows you to wrap or shadow your text.  While designing keep any important text or graphic away from the edges to prevent losing any image during production.

Personalized Stocking Stuffer

Personalized Photo Compact Mirror

Design a compact mirrors make fantastic stocking stuffer for any woman in your life.  Personalized Photo Compact Mirror is silver, square that measures 2.25″x2.25″.  It has two mirrors, top and bottom with a sturdy outer shell.  Add any photo, art, text, or design that is infused into the coating to last for years to come.  The advanced text field can help you create stunning effects.  To reduce chances of losing any detail during the production, be sure to design within the boundaries.

Personalized Stocking Stuffer

Custom iPhone 5/5S Case

A personalized phone case can fit into anyone’s stocking!  Our top seller, Custom iPhone 5/5S Case is composed of 2 pieces that includes a full black premium rubber lining with reinforced corners to protect the phone.  The hard plastic outer shell keeps the rubber in place securely.  There are two colors options; all black or black rubber with a white outer case.  Use your favorite photos and designs, or our designer to create an amazing phone case.  Fill the entire template area, any blank area will appear white or add a custom background.

Personalized Stocking Stuffer

All these personalized stocking stuffer products are great for any stocking!  What is even better all the ones listed above are all under $20 and produced in America!  Pic the Gift offers free shipping on any orders!  Hurry now and start creating everyone a personalized stocking stuffer!  Looking for something else?  Check our full online catalog at  Merry Christmas from Pic the Gift!


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