Winter Gifts

Did you notice that Old Man Winter and Jack Frost have been nipping at your nose?  Well, I hope you know that winter is in full swing and it is not going anywhere soon.  Unless, you go to the tropics, then I am super jealous!!!  If you have some crazy friends or relatives who absolutely love winter and want to give a gift that they will display for the rest of the winter?  Or perhaps, know someone that goes into complete hibernation until Spring and want to give a gift of warmth?  Pic the Gift offers many awesome winter gifts!

Personalized Placemat

Placemats can transfer any dining area instantly and act as a functional table protector.  Pic the Gift’s new product, Personalized Placemat will look amazing on any table that it is placed on!  The placemats are made out of polyester and washable.  The measurement is 12″x17″ and when designing be sure to create the art to be 12.5″x17.5″ to cover the entire area.  Be sure to design both sides, because these placemats are double sided.  Create two different winter images or one side for Spring to ensure the beauty of the upcoming season!

winter gifts

Metal Photo Panel 6″x6″

I am not going to lie, photos of snow, ice, and a still winter moment is beautiful.  I just prefer to look at it and not go out in it!  A Metal Photo Panel can display a stunning winter image to be a perfect gift for the winter lovers!  The photo panel measures 6″x6″ and is gloss white metal made from aluminum.  The image is Chromaluxe coated, which gives the panel a very vibrant and durable look and is scratch and UV resistant.  You may design the panel to be hung either landscape or portrait.  Include an easel back to prop on a desk or table or wall mount it with a shadow mount.

winter gifts

Custom Picture Puzzle

A puzzle is perfect for those who do not like to go out into the bitter cold.  Create a Custom Picture Puzzle to either display a beautiful winter image or a nice, warm appeasing beach!!!  This puzzle is 10″x13.5″ and has 252 pieces and makes a great gift for all ages.  The image will be infused into the puzzles to create a quality finish.  Design an image that is flawless in the Pic the Gift designer.  You may change the background colors, select clip-art, add custom text, and even use advanced settings to create visual effects.  Be sure to keep any important text and graphics away from the edges, so they are not distorted.

winter gifts

Custom Gold Metallic Photo Coffee Mug

Give a gift that will warm someone from the inside! An 11 ounce, Custom Gold Metallic Photo Coffee Mug is a perfect gift to do that!  Use an image of a winter moment and text “It’s cold outside, but warm in here!” When adding text, use the Warp on the text since the mug is a round surface. Include some hot cocoa and marshmallows or different types of teas!

winter gifts

Custom Photo Throw

What a better gift than one that wraps them in warmth?  Our Custom Photo Throw is perfect for wrapping up and staying warm on a cold, winter night!  The tapestry is made of 50/50 Cotton/Polyester blend and is machine washable in cold water and tumble dry on low.  The throw is very simple to design and design the entire image area or it will appear white.

winter gifts

If you are looking for the perfect winter gift, consider one of these cozy, stunning products that will warm not only their body, but their heart.  Pic the Gift offers free shipping on all orders and all made in USA!  Please check our full line of products




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